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Intuitive Gatherings

Monthly Inspiration Groups:

During the winter months we change to a daytime gathering on Sundays. 

In this group, you will be able to access a deeper peace and your own inner divinity:

  • Beautiful meditation with crystal sounding bowl.
  • Group channeled message: always inspirational and relevant!
  • Individual intuitive messages for all participants who wish.  Messages are also amazingly relevant to you.
  • An “Angel Gift” is channeled to Sharon prior to the group closing. This may be a healing of physical or emotional issues, or an added gift of hope, courage or greater love in one’s heart that becomes a permanent part of you.

This group gathering will help you to take next steps forward to a life of fulfillment.


Next Monthly Inspiration Group Dates: Sunday Jan. 31st  1-3 pm.  

Please RSVP by Saturday Jan. 30th or 860 386 6272


New Offering:  Believing is Receiving Group   Create a New 2016!  

 This monthly group empowers you to build a powerful set of beliefs and a spiritual
 practice by which to create a wonderful life in the area of your health,
wealth, personal soul expression and love relationships.

The purpose of the group:

  • Evaluate your 4 areas of health, wealth, personal soul expression and love.
  • Heal your fears and negative beliefs into wholeness using EFT and other healing tools.
  • Learn the importance of living from your wholeness and the corresponding soul beliefs.
  • Build a blueprint of powerful beliefs that fit your situations.
  • Locate the portals to connect with your true authentic spiritual self and powerful beliefs.
  • Learn new ways to connect to source: Build a daily practice to live from your Spiritual self throughout the day.
  • Receive wisdom and inspiring messages from your Angels and Master Guides to help you follow your North Star.
  • Receive the wisdom and support of the group members who hold you in highest love and trust.

As always, Sharon will allow the highest guidance and transmissions of love from the higher realms

of consciousness to support the group members in their lives.   

Class size limited. (Sessions will be taped if you are not able to attend a session)

Call: 860 386 6272 to ask questions about joining a group

Past Workshops/Presentations:

“Believing is Receiving!”
Retreat at Mercy by the Sea in Madison, CT
By Intuitive Coach and Psychotherapist, Sharon Massoth, LCSW
Saturday September 19th 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
$95/Delicious Lunch included.
(Register Now as Class Size is Limited.)

• Do you have habitual worry of money, relationships, health & life purpose?
• Do you feel happiness happens for others but not in a grand way for you?
• Do you wish for confirmation to act on your dreams seeded in your heart?
• Do you desire greater faith, hope and courage to take steps forward?

This heavenly BELIEVE workshop will infill you with faith & will open the portals to receiving what wants to come into your life now. Sharon will teach the 3 most powerful beliefs given to her by the angels which will align you with the portal of abundance. You will learn how to use the energy of your natural fears and transform it into fuel for action. Throughout this experiential workshop, Sharon will deliver inspiring messages from your angels deepening your faith in why you are here and pinpointing your unique blocks to believing & receiving!

Meet new friends as you walk the beach & labyrinth and deepen your Believing!
Register Soon! Space is very limited for this workshop!
RSVP to or 860 386 6272

Intuition Building Groups Six session training and practice group helps you to know the kind of intuition that comes naturally to you and how to increase your intuitive skills in all areas of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. Practice sessions are facilitated with other group members.
Cost: $40 group session. Call for next group.

Intuitive Group Gathering
: Have a gathering at your place or in Sharon’s mountainside retreat with your friends/family. This group gathering will be healing, inspiring and energizing. You will hear an individual message for yourself as well as group messages about next steps, life purpose and any healing that is needed to help you move forward. Cost depends upon number of group and time.

Ongoing Believing is Receiving! Groups: Meet with a group that you gather in your area. This two hour class focuses on manifesting current goals of individuals. The monthly groups help to keep everyone focused on their intentions and build an energy of support for each other. Intuitive development is ongoing and individual and group intuitive messages are given throughout the session. Currently being held in West Hartford and Bloomfield, CT. If you are interested in an ongoing monthly group, please email or call Sharon. Cost for these groups depend upon number of participants and block of time.
Call: 860 386 6272.


A New Leadership Prospective…
Becoming the leader of your own life – first.
Tuesday, March 25 Smith College Alumnae
8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Alumnae House, 33 Elm Street

All leaders must take risks. Are you a healthy risk-taker? Leadership scholar Steven Mundahl
and psychotherapist Sharon Massoth will take you through an inspiring and fascinating
journey of their new book, The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership. Identifying strengths and
weaknesses within can keep us from being “outed,” and help bring us to living with authen-
ticity… a very peaceful and constructive place from which to lead!

Leadership scholar Steven Mundahl and psychotherapist Sharon Massoth will take you 
through an inspiring and fascinating journey of their new book, The Alchemy of Authentic
Leadership (Balboa Press). Identifying strengths and weaknesses within can keep us from
being “Outed,” and help bring us to living with authenticity… a very peaceful and 
constructive place from which to lead!
Steve Mundahl and Sharon Massoth understand that life, and the path of leadership
is a lifelong journey, and not a specific destination with a discernible endpoint. 
Instead, they share a vision of leadership as voyage of self discovery, of finding
personal truths, passion, and an authentic voice. With these critical explorations within, 
the leader can then align their outward life and behavior with them. 

Sharon Massoth and Steven Mundahl recognize that even the most effective leaders can 
stumble and fall on their inner journey. They provide the neurological and behavioral 
reasons why leaders take foolish risks, causing self destructive outcomes. 
They share practices and tools for self governance, to avoid those dangerous and 
career destroying actions. These tools and exercises guide the leader toward self 
healing on the the personal journey.

Coffee and light pastries will be served. Please RVSP to

Building Intuitive Skill  as a Daily Practice

Power Up Your Intuition: New York Open Center

Sharon Massoth, LCSW, DDiv

Intuition is the innate capacity to listen to our inner wisdom. But it is also something we often have trouble accessing. In today’s class, renowned life coach and intuitive Sharon Massoth will teach us a series of experiential exercises designed to awaken our intuition, strengthen and sustain its connection, and release the negative beliefs that block it. Building intuitive skill as a daily practice can give us the guiding hand we need to live our life’s purpose. Come discover how an awakened intuition can get us past confusion, nurture our relationships, give us clarity, improve our ability to make decisions, and help us trust in the wisdom of our inner knowing as a daily guide.

Click here to listen to recent teleconferences with Sharon.