Intuitive View Coaching

What is different about “intuitive” view coaching?

An intuitive coach has highly developed intuition and honors this sixth sense as absolutely essential in providing coaching. An intuitive also has an ability to listen to higher consciousness wisdom that can correct wrong directions, guide to rightful action and inspire with unconditional love and acceptance.

An Intuitive View Coach will:
  • Be a vision-keeper: someone who will help you stay aligned with your vision.
  • Ask the right questions and deliver the right words to spark your own inner knowing.
  • Release any internal sabotage beliefs through powerful techniques to ensure the success of your life.
  • Turn challenging life events into empowering lessons.
  • Reflect to you who you Truly are and inspire you to create your “dream” life.
  • Provide intuitive insight and understanding in specific challenging business and personal relationships.
  • Provide word for word guidance as received from the spiritual realm.
  • Help you to see the universe as “user friendly” and how to increase your optimism.
  • Attract the people and situation in your life to live a joy-filled life.
  • Increase your intuitive skills to a higher level therefore avoiding unnecessary setbacks.
  • Build your confidence to create more abundance in your life.
  • Help you to see your manifesting powers and to create your own life “miracles”.
  • Connect you to your spiritual guidance.