Please contact Sharon to be your speaker on leadership, work/life balance, intuition building and other inspirational subjects. Below are sample topics given at recent Women’s Leadership Conferences and Staff Retreats.

Sample Key Presentations:

“Intuition Works! Your Sixth Sense: Your Greatest Asset For Happiness and Success”

You were born intuitive. You have all the wiring in place for your “sixth” sense. Intuitive ability is the added “edge” for true success. It can lead you to added insight, new direction, balance, creative breakthrough or simply the ability to be in the right place at the right time.

This workshop will help you to get over your fear of acting on your intuitive responses. Intuition builds confidence in decisions, a trait that is highly needed in women. This workshop will assist you in knowing the attitudes and lifestyle that enhance intuition, to recognize how your intuitive voice speaks to you and to release your fears of making mistakes. You will say, “How did I live without it?”

The Way To Abundance: The Magnetizing Power of Self Esteem

Have you ever wanted to live a more abundant and joyful life yet felt that you were going at a snail’s pace to get there? Did you feel that positive affirmations did not work for you? Do you often feel critical of others and also of yourself? Did you ever feel that you could not be happy until all was in place in your life? In this presentation, you will learn an easy way to make steady if not swift progress in manifesting an abundant life.   This workshop will ensure that you know the formula for abundance: You think/feel your way there!

The “One Thing” You Need To Know That Will Make Your Life Soar! An Intuition Feedback Session For A Small Group With Large Intentions.

This presentation focuses on intuitive understanding of your current life and what you need to do to focus it in the right way. At times, group members will be told to “take a vacation”, other times it will be to “get to work!!” Sharon receives clairaudient messages for group members about a vital aspect of their life for greater understanding and action.